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Intruders. A Plea from the most Abject of Fans.

After watching the first episode of Intruders, I instantly tweeted about it. I was excited!

A few episodes into it, I find myself becoming more and more a fan but at the same time increasingly frightened that it is a relationship not worth investing in.

This is my plea to BBC America.

Please, please do not fuck Intruders  up.

It might be the best sci-fi/mystery thing out there!
On this side of LOST, anyway.

Please keep it within the 90’s feel that was established in the first episode.

Within american gothic fiction.

With acclaimed TV-series like Twin Peaks,  X-Files  and the rightly named but perhaps to early forgotten TV-series American Gothic.

Do not screw it up by regurgitating LOST.

I beg of you!

True Detective successfully walked down the winding road towards an american gothic feel. The viewers stayed true through the madness.

Do not hide anything in fear of us not wanting to watch the next episode.

We are not children.

We know the monsters are real.

We do not need them explained.
Or psychoanalysed.

Keep it simple, mysterious, dark, gritty, surreal, personal. And relish in the darkness.

But most of all keep us clued-in.

If I even feel a faint whiff of LOST  (wow, I really DO have a problem with it. Read more here) during this series, I will walk away.

To never return.




2 thoughts on “Intruders. A Plea from the most Abject of Fans.

  1. I’m a recovering Lostie. I loved the show, and I actually got the end of the show. As time passed, though, I look back on it and realize that all of what I watched was just gratuitous conflict shifting and place-holding for plot until the last season. In short, they could have done in 4 seasons what they took 6 to do.

    The residual effects of that show has painted all other shows that I watched like it in the same negative tone; it’s so bad now that I avoid shows like it (like “Revolution” or “The Event”). I see shades of LOST in old episodes of “The X-Files” or “Millennium” (an awesome show ruined by X-files writers Morgan and Wong). For that reason I avoided watching “The Intruders” because…well…I can’t stand gratuitous conflict and unexplained details.

    I will say this, though. There are great shows on TV now, possibly even a second golden age of TV. From “Grimm” to “Vikings,” “Perception” to “Person of Interest,” there are a great many offerings for people to watch now. Of course, I always recommend “Person of Interest,” but that’s because unlike LOST, it’s written by people who know what character development and story means to fans.

    • I loved the first season of LOST because it was exciting and new and it seemed to give something to the TV-series concept. Halfway through the second season I knew where it was going. Keeping an audience by not giving people a story to follow. So I gave up.

      It was not until recently that I binged-watched the whole series. And guess what? I was right.
      The story should have been two seasons long.

      The problem is that every fucking show now (especially sci-fi drama/mystery) seems to think that LOST was the Holy Grail of shows. But every copy since seem to fail.

      Why? Because people are tired of that shit.
      Why it worked for LOST? It was the first one dedicated to this type of storytelling. But that does not make it any good.

      Horror and mystery sci-fi needs to get back to their roots and play with the darkness. I felt True Detective mastered that.

      We as an audience need to take part in the darkness. Twin Peaks and X-Files did not hide anything away, and people still was glued to their TV’s. It was the madness of it all, that made us turn it on again the following weeks.

      Intruders has that same potential.

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